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Calverley and Farsley Labour Party continue to spread the message of hope

Calverley and Farsley Branch Labour Party have continued to get out on the doorstep spreading the message of hope that led to such a close result in the General Election.

Labour’s manifesto, which focussed on clear solutions to the problems underpinning injustices in our society, and provides a clear way of investing in our public services and care systems, continues to resonate with local residents who see their standard of living decreasing year on year.

Peter Carlill, chair of the local Calverley and Farsley branch said:

“At the last election people were given a clear choice for the future direction of the country, unfortunately over the short time available that wasn’t quite enough to change the result here in Pudsey, but from the positive and enthusiastic response we’ve had on the doorstep following the election – and the government stubbornly continuing on the path of austerity that has halted productivity in this country, stalled wages and decimated public services – it’s clear that in the local elections next May and whenever the next General Election comes, Labour will be a strong force in our area.”

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