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Why labour councillors would be good for Calverley and Farsley

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It is important that the councillors in our area represent the views of all residents.

In the General Election the Labour candidate Ian McCargo and the hard work of local members managed to reduce Stuart Andrew’s majority to just 331. In our area we predict Labour were ahead of the Conservatives in an election where people had a clear choice whether to continue with four more years of crippling austerity, or to follow the Labour manifesto of investing in our public services, local businesses and local people.

Although Theresa May’s government were returned, it was without a majority and with a clear message from voters that they must think again, however instead of respecting this they are continuing with their policy of austerity.

This makes things difficult for our local council, which continues to see its budget cut year on year, and tough decisions are being made. Without a voice in the ruling Labour group, Calverley and Farsley residents are missing out in these decisions.

We need local councillors that can better represent the view of our residents – of all ages and from all corners of the ward. Councillors that are in touch with the worries and priorities of working families, that understand the difficulties young people face trying to make their way in the world, and that appreciate the concerns of elderly residents who rely on social care provision.

With such a marginal area, having three Conservative councillors, all from one corner of the ward, does not represent our wide and diverse population.

At the local elections in May we will be working hard to get Labour councillors elected that use the same services we all rely on, and that are representative of the areas of Calverley, Farsley, Pudsey, Rodley, Stanningley, Thornbury and Woodhall.

If you would like to join our campaign for a more representative set of councillors for Calverley and Farsley, contact us on the details below.

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